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11TH-12TH OCTOBER, 2020


We are proud to be bringing a two day trade show to you, demonstrating how to use every single product we have over the course of two days, showcasing fabulous designs that can be done with our products.
This event has not just been organised for Glitterbels customers, but for everyone, no matter which brand you use or what country you’re in.
You can expect live videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – from some of the leading nail technicians in the industry, I’ll also be showing our exciting range new products.
We will also be be gifting one of every product we sell totalling £15,000 worth of acrylics, gel polishes, glitters, brushes, tips, nail desks and training courses after each live.
We will be providing information about the nail competitions and schedules over the next few days so keep a look out!
I hope that you can come and join us and maybe invite a friend to watch and join in. 


10am – 10:10am(Pre – recorderd) Annabel, over view of day and how the giveaway works
10:10 – 11:10am(Live) Core Powders, Starter Kits and Tip demonstration
11:10am – 11:20am(Live) Demonstration
11:20am – 12pm(Live) Brief on Monomer and Brushes,
12pm – 12:45pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
12:45 – 1pm(Live) Acrylic Design Demonstration
1pm – 1:45pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
1:45pm – 2:30pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
2:30pm – 3pm(Live) Lose Glitters with Acrylic
3pm – 3:45pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
3:45pm – 4:30pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
4:30pm – 5:15pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Gel
5:15pm – 6pm(Live) Annabel New Releases & Giveaway
6pm – 6:45pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Gel
6:45pm – 7pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Gel
7pm – 7:45pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Gel
7:45pm – 8:30pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Gel
 10am – 10:15am(Pre-recorded) Annabel overview of yesterday and events for today
10:15am-10:30am(Pre-recorded) Lamps overview
10:30am – 11am(Live) Gel Art Brushes and other brushes
11am – 11:45am(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
11:45am – 12:30pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
12:30pm – 1:15pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
1:15pm – 2pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
2pm – 2:45pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
2:45pm – 3:30pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Acrylic
3:30pm – 4pm(Live) Marble with Gel Polish
4pm – 4:45pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Gel
4:45pm – 5:15pm(Live) Sugaring Demonstration Annabel
5:15pm – 6pm(Live) Annabel New Releases Launched
6pm – 6:15pm(Live) Desk Tour
6:15pm – 7pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Gel
7pm – 7:45pm(Live) Swap and Swatch Gel