Glitterbels Clear Monomer

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This Monomer is designed to work with Glitterbels acrylic powders.


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This monomer is prefect to use with all Glitterbels products, it’s a medium set system designed and tested to reduce lifting/breaking with less smell.


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Reviews (22)

22 reviews for Glitterbels Clear Monomer

  1. Sarah Thompson (verified owner)

    I love this! Goes perfect with glam and glitz acrylic powder. I Found my application a lot better, and could see where acrylic had contaminated the monomer. Overall, I was very impressed. Excited to see the whole range on the website eventually!

  2. Samantha Price

    Fantastic product. Works like a dream with my powders. Looking forward to purchasing more Glitterbels products in the future.

  3. Jen Rooney (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Has made applications easier and works like a dream

  4. shelleyoneill27 (verified owner)

    Loving this monomer, little smell, clear as easy to see contamination. Perfect for glam and glits aswell as its universal. But works best with the entire Glitterbels range ?

  5. Emma Critchlow (verified owner)

    Im new to the nail industry so i have tried a few monomers and I didn’t like them so I decided to try Glitterbels and OMG it’s truly Amazing. I have super control over this monomer with the glass slippers. The application is better than any other system I have tried. This is going to be the only monomer I use from now on xxxx

  6. Sonia Williams

    Well I’ve been using Glitterbels Monomer & Glass Slippers for the past week and I just say I’m absolutely in love.

    The product is very Mouldable and is amazing to work with. I’m looking forward too trying every colour next week ??

  7. Jenny rooney (verified owner)

    Love this and the glass slippers! a client come back for an infill after 4 weeks who usally loses a nail after 2/3 weeks and hadnt lost 1 nail. Love it

  8. chelseaoconnor89 (verified owner)

    ⭐️ Glitterbells Clear Monomer review ⭐️

    So I finally have Annabel’s Monomer, and after my first use of it, her entire Collection will soon follow!

    I appreciate how nerve racking it is as Techs to try new ranges when we’re so comfortable with what we know, but Annabel & Elliot have NEVER let me down yet, so the risk was certainly worth taking.

    I won’t name my usual brand, nor am i bad mouthing other brands, But i am giving my honest opinion and credit where it is due!

    It’s absolutely, without a shadow of doubt AMAZING!

    • It’s No where near as stinky
    • It Works Beautifully with all my current Core Powders, especially G&G
    • It’s super Clear so it doesn’t alter lighter Powder Colours
    • NO BRUSH CLOGGING! This is a major factor for me as i like to work wetter, even with Core Powders and build Opacity that way. It just doesn’t clog with wet beads! At all! Completely clean brush after every bead!

    Thank You so much Guys!

    Im converted for Sure ?

  9. Mollie Kenyon (verified owner)

    Little odour, so easy to work with on tips or sculpting and make G & G a dream to work with (as I’ve struggled in the past with other monomers). Will certainly be buying more and can’t wait to try the odourless one!

  10. Marnie

    Absolutely amazing product. I have never had a monomer with such a perfect setting speed, it’s not too fast nor slow, just perfectly in the middle. This makes it so easy to manipulate, so easy to work with and helps you to work more efficiently. With other brands after a set I would always have loads of acrylic build up in my brush, but this monomer leaves my brush fully clean every time. It smells a lot less potent than my last brand, as the strong smell of monomers can sometimes be an issue for some of my clients this comes in handy. Over all it gets 5 stars from me and I couldn’t recommend it more Xxxxxx

  11. b.beautiful.nails1

    I’m relatively new to acyrlic and work in a beauty salon as the only nail tech. Clients would moan about the smell of monomer all the time until i switched to this, it smells so nice and even though it’s not completely odourless ita more fragranced then other i have used. Also it’s amaz ing to work with.

    Thank you Annabel doe making such an amazing product xxxxxx

  12. Diana Pap (verified owner)

    Easy to work with,low odour,no headache.
    Love this product ?

  13. Donna smith (verified owner)

    Works like a dream and hardly any Oder one of my new favourite products

  14. Natasha Burgess (verified owner)

    I love this stuff not completely odourless but a lot less than the regular stuff I am extremely happy I only notice a small differences in dryin time which was fine for me. ??

  15. Catherine Lomas (verified owner)

    This by far isn’t the best monomer I have ever used. Super quick with delivery and you get what you pay for. Would not turn back after trying this. Works so well with glam and glits too. Next buy the oderless monomer!!

  16. Kelly Lovegrove

    Love everything about this acrylic system just fabulous

  17. kelly mcgiveron (verified owner)

    what can I say this is amazing not just because it’s clear but the system is just a game changer an hardly any smell on monomer ?? so bonus no moaning boyfriend because of the smell

  18. katier190 (verified owner)

    I really like this monomer, really easy to work with and goes really well with the glam and glitz powders. Will definitly be purchasing more glitterbels products ???

  19. shooby82 (verified owner)

    Crystal clear low odour and no lifting. Dream product. Love it. Works amazing with my glam and glits as well as the glitterbels core powders.

  20. robi_pap (verified owner)

    Love the clear monomer,no headache,no strong odour. Not too slow,not too fast setting.
    Love it?

  21. Alica

    This liquid is beyond amazing . I feel that it has drastically quickened the way I work as it allows perfect mould and adhesion . It’s the most affordable of its kind .

    I am still in university and I work in a small space . This monomer definitely has less of a smell and as a result is now my permanent go to liquid .

  22. Elizabeth Marion Brock (verified owner)

    Love this monomer by far the best iv worked with

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